Our favorite websites

Just in case HLT doesn’t have any blogs out and we’re behind on putting bad thoughts into those big ole heads of yours we have some websites for you to checkout for the time being.  You know, just looking out for our fellow Hobo readers.

  • www.cracked.com – funny articles and good #list of topics.
  • www.letmewatchthis.com – Missed an episode of your favorite tv show?  Don’t feel like paying $20 at the movies? Well all your tv/movie entertainment is here.
  • www.newgrounds.com – parodies/cartoons/games.  All fun.
  • www.boston.barstoolsports.com – If you didn’t know about this website already than shame on you.
  • www.guyism.com – funny website, sports, list, pictures….you know the usual but has an edge.
  • www.bleacherreport.com – tons of sports articles from the high school level, up to the pros.
  • www.channelsurfing.net don’t feel like paying $120 for that important UFC? Hey, watch it for free online with the rest of your sports!
  • www.imdb.com you’re watching a movie and then all of a sudden a familir faces shows up and you can’t figure out where you seen that face before. All you need to do is go to imdb and SHAPOW! find the name of that “celebrity”
  • www.ign.com your basic news website for your favorite systems and games.
  • www.brobible.comeh, not really a fan of the site but they do have some good thing here and there. We’ll give them some love.
  • www.tfln.com – and again, if you haven’t visited or heard about this website than you are doing something wrong.
  • www.egotastic.com – tons of sexy madness going on in that joint. female celebs just slipping up, some just feel like getting naked, and the rest you’ll find out.
  • www.complex.com – they have way to much going on at that site but all of it will keep you entertained for hours.
  • www.oncampusdrama.com – college website, good stories, interesting, enjoy.
  • www.ieatfakelife.wordpress.comi don’t know much about this website but it seems pretty legit. you’ll never know what kind of stuff that will get discuss on this site.  Wait a minute?  Is this our own site!?

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