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Interview With The Lyrical Beast From CT

What up Hobos and Fembos?  Since I’ve been slacking cutting back on the number of blogs I’ve doing I thought I make it up to all of you or at least to those who actually follow my blog with one … Continue reading

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Interview With A Local Rapper.

Alright, so when I first started this blog last month I wanted to try to do some email interviews with some local musical talent but I never got around to doing that due to some timing issues.  However over the … Continue reading

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Battle Of The Female White Rappers

Yesterday it was white girls that could do the Dougie and Today its white female rappers.  Hey, I’m a token and one of the things that I enjoy is white girls with special skills, nothing wrong with that?  I wish … Continue reading

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Teach Me How To Dougie – Battle Of The White Girls

Chilling at the bar with a couple of friends over the weekend when Teach Me How to Dougie came on and one of my friends got up to Dougie but found his way in a Dougie battle with this black … Continue reading

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Who Wants To Take Over HLT for Tomorrow

Is anybody interesting in taking control of the Hobo blog for tomorrow?  Do your own thing, pick your own R&J OTD kinda stuff?  I’m going to be in downtown for most of the morning looking for a couple of books … Continue reading

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And we’re out of Hobos and Fembos. Till tomorrow.

Classes are over, works almost over and it’s time to relax.  I’m ready to pick up my dinner and look at the sorority girls along the way.  Bigger and better stuff tomorrow to blog about… not really, just more weird … Continue reading

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Split Second comes through with the start of the week jam

So did everybody enjoy the Superbowl?  Get drunk and ate a shit load of food like you were Brittney Spears coming out rehab?  Packers won, Big Ben went into beast mode through the streets of Pittsburgh and all is good. … Continue reading

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