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Preperation for SUPER SUNDAY…the mediocre monday edition

Well folks the week we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Today the Steelers and the Packers will head off to the Jerry Jones Dallas, Texas for Corporate America’s favorite off day off the year SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. I … Continue reading

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Colleges can we get a break?

I work full-time at nights and take 3 courses at Middlesex Community College in Bedford, Mass and I’ve had just about enough of the crap this place has put me through. Lets start off with the fact that the advisors … Continue reading

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Getting to know the artistformerlyknownasfatty

1999ish                                     2008ish                      today After a couple of contributions to the blog i thought it would be a perfect time to let everyone in on the life of the artistformerlyknownasfatty. Many of you already know who I am and some of … Continue reading

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Hey remember when…

As I sit at my computer at work waiting for my boss to yell at me for posting a blog, not getting a board through the machine, creeping on facebook or all of the above I can’t help but reminisce on the … Continue reading

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The relationship that is the patriots

We had our time to mourn the loss to the New Jersey Jets (you want me to call you a New York team THEN PLAY IN THE STATE YOU CLAIM TO BE FROM) and I feel now is the perfect time to … Continue reading

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