About Me

"The Road Madness Missed"


Greetings from your friendly neighborhood token.  So much to share to lazy do it.  Alright, I will make this simple so I won’t waste your time giving you a whole bio on me.  Name – Josh.  Home – The great city of Boston….but I’m living in Pittsburgh for the moment.  Not much to do and or look at really, beautiful italian women so that’s good.  Age – 22, not in college but working and staying busy.  And rest of the info is just useless crap like favorite beer, women, sports team, this that and everything around.  Sounds good?  Told you I wouldn’t waste to much of your time.

The only reason I have this blog is because friends and others told me I should create a blog so I can have more room to express myself and share my wild but yet odd thoughts with the world. Eh, why not?  Plus, with this blog I won’t be annoying people’s news feed on FB with my “Red Light Challenge” or Rachael Ray statuses, both of those are useful but not everybody can be a fan and understand the greatness of it all. I don’t expect much from blogging or from this blog at the moment but maybe down the road it will catch wind and I’ll have some followers.  Yup, so I guess that’s enough “About Me” crap sharing time and I should begin to offend some readers now……right?  Anyways, have fun and stuff, see you around.

P.S. Just in case if any Stoolies made their way to this part I like to say welcome and it’s nice having you here.  Enjoy the pictures and the music…..that’s about it.  You fuckers already know the deal.

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