Rankings – Worst and Best MBTA Train Lines

So I was having a conversation with one of my friends about Marty McFly’s Nike sneakers from the future and if they were really real how they would rival the Jordans for the best sneakers to wear.  Then my friend tells me that he’s on the green line and he absolutely hates how the seating on it is and he can’t stand the divider that they have on the green line. (you know the part where you stand on and it feels like the train is going to spin you around.)  Clearly my friend is out of his fuckin mind if he thinks the green line is the worst of the train lines, just a ridiculous statement to even make.  After hearing that I got to thinking about what are the worst and best train lines in Boston and what makes them what they are.

5 being ranked the worst and 1 being the best.

5. The Orange Line – Being on the Orange Line is like being in a Spike Lee film, you know something intense is going to go down and somebody is going to be giving you the mean muggin face for a while.  Try to avoid being on this train after 5 p.m. and the only stops you should really care about is from Back Bay-North Station(Celtics,Bruins,Green Line Connection and about a 1 min walk to the bars).

4. The Blue Line – Charles MGH, Aquarium, Airport, and Suffolk Downs is the only thing that this line is good for.  I honestly have no idea how to walk or drive to the Aquarium and I’ve been there or at least in that area so many times.  Also Mon-Wed-Sat I think is another time that the Blue Line deems itself useful for taking trips to Suffolk Downs to head over and try to win some money on a couple of races.  Hopefully you can win some money so the train ride back home can be somewhat enjoyable since the scenery outside the window always looks like the neighborhood has been bombed.

3. The Red Line – I actually have no beef with this line at all.  This might be the fastest out of all the lines and takes you to a reasonable amount of locations throughout Boston.  Simple to figure out how to get around and it also provides you with some decent live music during the weekend nights while your waiting to go along your way….yes I said some decent music.

2. Commuter Rail/Purple Line – Best. Seats. Ever!  Doesn’t matter what time it is but once I get on the Commuter Rail and I sit in one of those soft leather seats I’m passing the fuck out quicker than Courtney Love in an Arby’s bathroom.  Everybody minds their own business, the seats are spacey (pretty sure people got away with having sex or doing some other stuff with the amount of space you have with the seats) and the train provides free wi-fi.  I have to say that you’ll be seeing the 2nd best scenery while you’re relaxing on your ride since the train goes through rural country like routes and then into Boston.  You’re good to go.

1. The Green Line – Fake Life.  Am I right?  I don’t even need to go into explanation about how legit it is being on this line.  B,C,D,E Green Line trains will take you to all the hot spots, clubs, bars, restaurants, Fenway Park, ect and ect.  Along the way you pass by the 3 colleges of BC, BU, and NU which always has something popping off and there’s eye candy for everyone.  I know I’m missing mentioning some things but you guys already know the deal.

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