Geordie Shore…The Show That Will Tickle You In A Weird Way

Ladies and Gents I present to you the hilarious cast of Geordie Shore.  This show is the UK’s version of Jersey Shore which you probably didn’t need me telling you thought but thought I just toss it in there just in case. I’ve been watching this show for about 2-3 weeks already and I must say that this show and its cast just destroys the originals that we’ve grown to love, enjoy – hate and gotten sick of. (Is it weird that I’m watching a show like this from another country and blogging about it?  Like if this stops me from getting laid here in American then I should just move to the UK and smash it up, right?) Now I’m going to give you a quick run down of Geordie crew as they appear in the video so you’ll have a sense of what I’m talking about after you’re done getting familiar with them.

Jay = Ronnie but without the whole crying thing and being soft.  Dude looks like a damn action figure but moves like he has the legs of gumby.  Still I have no beef with him and he’s a pretty chill lad.

Vicky = I want to say she equals Sam but that would be a huge insult to Vicky so what I will say is she has a relationship with Jay that resembles Ron’s and Sam’s.  This chick is a legit G with it, she’s “That Chick”.  When she gets mad she knows exactly what the fuck to say and how to storm out.  Her angry face is pure sexy and it puts some warmth into my small cold heart.

Gary = Vinny?  Both of them have the same mindset when it comes to dating and trying to pick up smokeshows when they head out to party and do it up.  Now who is funnier between the two of them?  I’d gotta give it to Gary but Vin awkward funny.  Also Gary has some ridiculous swag game from what they show of him so I’m just going to give him some cred for that.  I forgot to add that this dude has one of his female roommates on check when it comes time to go to smash city.

Charlotte = No one I guess.  She does have some kind of relationship with Gary but it’s mostly just being his smash rag doll during the boring nights of the house.  She pulled  Snooki and started to have feelings for him but Gar hasn’t made his mind up yet if he wants her as his girl or not.  I think Charlotte has to be the prettiest and funniest of the females in the house.  She’s one of those girls that will fit in with your friends and watch the game with you later on….mhmm perfect.

James = Pauly D….kinda.  James must have a life supply of v neck tees.  In every episode I’ve seen so far this dude has a v neck in every color, pattern, and material.  ( Does Pauly D rock the v necks?  I can’t remember if I seen him with some of them on or not?)  James isn’t funny or clever like Pauly, so that’s the only downside I guess.

Sophie = My eyes burn when ever she tries to get her sexy on.  I don’t like when they put the camera on this girl, she’s too loud and reminds me of a cross-breed between Ms Potato Head and a penguin.

Gary = “That Dude”.  The Situation wouldn’t be able to compete in swaggerness  with That Dude aka Gary.  He cooks better, more chill and laid back.  Gary doesn’t care about going to gym and much rather drink and play his X-Box 360 instead.  ( Man crush….I disappoint myself sometimes.)  Average guy, mastermind and everybody tends to like him.

Holly = Snookie season 1 in the first two episodes.  This broad loves showing her boobs and kissing other dudes even though she has a boy back home.  Later on in a couple of episodes she ends up going home since she feels like she doesn’t fit in with everybody at the house and she’s just extra space.  She basically ends up leaving and going home and nobody notices till the next morning….how salted did this broad feel when she ended up watching this later on?  Shame, shame, shamee.  She needs a No Mas card for that situation.

Alright there you go, a rundown of everybody if you decided to watch the show and see if you give a fuck about it or not.  I’d say watch it if you don’t have anything to do or if the Sox aren’t playing.  Hopefully you enjoy and become hook so I can have more people to talk about it with when I’m drunk.  Till next I bid you a goodbye, god bless and stay safe.Geordie Shore

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