I Need This Shirt And I Want It Within 2-4 Days!

Just way too much swag in that shirt for me not to have it.  I’m living in Pittsburgh right now till the end of the summer and while I’m out here doing my thing and waiting for time to depart from these squidish people I could use this shirt to rub in their faces of how superior Boston’s sports teams are to their teams and the rest of America’s teams.  All I need is a black fitted cap and this shirt and I’m good to go to go and be that masshole in shittsburgh…..however there is a problem in my plan.  Barstool is selling this shirt for $25 which is a reasonable cheap price and I don’t have a problem with it at all.  Then I notice there was a s&h fee that cost an extra $4 which blew my mind so I had to say No Mas and close my wallet.  El Pres is trying to pull a A&F scam on me, what’s the deal with that?

And then boom! I present you a sick style Lord Stanley Cup shirt with all the names of the Bruins players listed on the cup.  Clever idea isn’t it?  This shirt cost about $15 I think or I hope it does and there’s no s&h fee to it.  Well there we go and what up to that.  (Yes I know and I understand that I’m a cheapass. Tough times, folks.)  Now if anybody is interested in checking out this shirt then head on over to the  http://www.thenosebleeds.com/p/store.html and see what’s good, then browse the site after and enjoy.  Couple good ol Boston Boys/Massholes talking about sports and trying to make a living like the rest of us blogger aka me being a fake blogger cause I’m too lazy to put effort into it.  Anyways I got off topic once again but yea this is today’s useless and random blog of the day.  Much love and stay safe.

P.S. Someone email Pres and tell him to let me be an intern at the Stool, thanks to all.

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