Bruins Win The Stanley Cup And Boston Is Title Town…Bow Down

3 Pats Superbowl Championships, 2 Red Sox World Series Titles, 1 Celtics NBA Finals Championships and Finally The Boston Bruins With Their NHL Win Over The Canucks are the new Champions of the NHL and Owners Of Lord Stanley Cups.  Beautiful isn’t it?

It finally happen ladies and gents, our boys the Boston Bruins are back on top once again.  Lord Stanley Cup has return home and the rest of America is back to hating us….surprise?  Course not, it was bound to happen sooner much rather than later and was worth the wait.  I’m not going to do too much blogging about last night and the events that went on and all of the stuff today too.

Barstool Sports Boston has been blogging the shit out of the Bruins win and been posting a mayhem of pictures the whole day so you’re basically covered with all the info you need there.  Plus right now I’m just getting back into blogging mode so bear with me here if these blogs sound like fucking Manzo’s blog. I’ll get my swag back and push out grammar flawed ridden blogs with nonsense and what fuck confusion you’re all use to from the past so enjoy the re ride of this blog once again.

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