Well, Thats About It. Final Blog And Many Thanks On In This Blog. Later

Well that’s it folks, I’m done.  Its been a good 5 months of blogging but I think I had enough and all you fuckers had enough of it as well.  Work hasn’t left me time to blog and come up with good ideas so I just been slacking with it lately and mostly been posting horrible blogs or whatever I felt would be a good filler but no more of that.  No Mas I say!  Now I need to focus on the new fake promotion that I was awarded at work….training 3 new employees at work that don’t know how to speak english how to work the computer and put in web orders.  I’m not even getting a pay raise for that but eh, what ever.  The question that everybody wanted to know about this site I’m going to answer right now.  Did creating this blog get me laid?  Fuck no!  Did it get me famous?  Only in my dreams.  Do girls that read this blog and see me in the bar while their drunk show me their boobs?  Not yet but it should happen soon.  Anyways, thank you to those who read the blog and enjoyed it, but now I’m done blogging and time to shut the Thought factory down.  Before I finish I like to say a couple thank you’s to friends and others that have contribute to the blog and helped out.

Juan Santiago, for bringing is purtorican tokeness to the blog and being my first co blogger to join.

To all the Romeo & Juliet’s that allowed me to type of a good bio and description of them.  You brought many boners and lady boners of HLT readers.  Truly a great job.

Chad Warren Watts, did a kick ass job with all the sports blogs.  God knows I’m too lazy to get my sports blow swag on so Mr Watts got his beast mode on.

The hidden broad that sent in those awesome titty pictures, still don’t know who you are but thank you.

My lovely snow bunnies that got sexy with it.  You kept the creepy guys warming during the cold winter months.  Turned them into man-child instead of being a child, so thank you.  And all of the snow bunnies can get it.

All the reader that left comments on blogs that they read and liked.  Thank you for taking time.

BJH for pushing people the limit and seeing how far they can take it…..wasn’t very long that people could take it.  Soft skin people ey?

And finally I can’t for get this thank you.  Too everybody that has ever called me an asshole, douche, tool, and every other name out there.  I gladly accepted all those names and actually turned all those things into a good thing.  I maybe hollow on the inside but I say what needs to be done while you just sit back and get angry.  Shake your heads, shake them well.  I’d take an honest bad guy over a hypocrite anytime.

Well for the last time I’ll be saying this here – God bless, have a good weekend and stay safe.  Wish you all the best luck and continue to do what you do.

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