Couples Things I Need To Do And Things I Know I Won’t Do/Finish

Nice weather out and I have a day off today so I was able to catch up with some things and also get some thinking done.  You know the deal, try to use the time wisely and get the best of it and that is what I did.  Actually not really, most of the time I just sat around and thought things up that some make sense and the rest of the thoughts just sounds like it comes from a derange mental person, which could also be me.

Things I Need To Do Or At Least Attempt –

Hookup with some girls from the hometown.  Been meaning to try and do this for a while but too much planning and know what targets maybe open for the idea.  Yea I said it and I see nothing wrong with it, call me a creep.  Don’t worry its fine, I don’t mind.

BBQ at 2am on a rooftop or in a nice backyard.

Play in the WSOBP = World Series Of Beer Pong so I can finally get the beruit out of my system.  It’s about the time I should start to let it go.

Swim, 22yrs old going on 23 and I still can’t have fun in the shallow end of the pool.  How am I suppose to bang a hot girl in the pool if I can’t make my way over there?

Get it in with a Milf/Cougar or a teacher….23-40 age range but must be hot and I won’t go for that leather skin.

Get myself on the Wall Of Fame at any restaurant that has a food challenge.  I’m always hungry and I don’t know why but I have a feeling I would do it up.

Attend a wet t-shirt contest or hold a wet t-shirt contest.

Whipped cream bikini… day, hopefully one day when I get off a long shift from work there will be a hot girl waiting for me in this.

Get head while smoking a cigar or drinking beer….don’t judge me because this is normal.

Get on reality tv and at least make it to the final 5 in what ever reality show I am on.  You fuckers better vote for me but knowing most you will vote for the fuckers will support the other competitors.  You know this is true of what I speak.

Attending Burning Man and SxSw and just do it up.

Ride a bike to a party with beer in my backpack.

Spend the whole night in the city and watch the sun rise.

Get more girls to join the White Girl Army.  Stop thinking you’re too good to join, girls.  Listen I know a handful of you girls that have that slut mode in you and have things that you just like to laugh off so the WGA is a lot less slutty so hurry up and get in.

Things I Don’t Want To Do, Don’t Care For Or Too Late To Do –

Watching girls kiss or have sex…eh just seems like a waste of time.  I’m good with my NFL replays.

Go camping. Why not Josh?  Cause its not fucking fun at all, no need to get intouch with nature and I have youtube for that or I can look out my window and see the wildreness where the high school kids go to smoke and do weird shit so no thanks.

Travel to different countries.  No good can come of it, people won’t understand me or like me.  I wouldn’t fair well against any country’s judicial system and I know the U.S. government knows that I hold no value to waste their time on to help me.

Eat liver, ducks, or any other thing that shouldn’t be in my stomach.

Be in the friendzone with a girl.  Nope, not having it, much rather be no friends than act like a lapdog or get “aww cute”thing.  Call me selfish or stupid but that’s how I feel.

Golf?  No need to watch it, not relaxing at all and is a frustrating sport to play.

Hookup with girls I had the chance to but didn’t for weird reasons.

Taken the one job that was offered to me to basically do nothing at all and get paid a shitload.  What shame I put on the Jones name.

Threats that people think that are supposed to be scary and make me change my ways.  I think I’ve had almost every threat thrown at me before.  Why is that I don’t know why…..

Done for now but I’ll add to the list probably.

P.S. Fat people in motorized wheelchairs because…well…they got themselves too fucking fat to walk and only getting fatter by not getting up from the moving fat machine.  Useless.

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