There’s Hope For Me After All. Thanks Jay Cutler and Not So Much Kristen Cavallari

Yahoo -“Eight months after they started dating, Jay Cutler(notes) and reality TV personality Kristin Cavallari are engaged to be married. reports that the Chicago Bears quarterback proposed to the former star of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” during a weekend trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The ring is reportedly 5.2 carats.”

Average looking, hated by many, not respected….but what does all of that really mean, ladies and gentleman?  HOPE, well somewhat of hope left for me.  If Jay Cutler was able to snatch this little minx than I guess this must be a sign for me, right?  Besides the fact that I’m not a professional athlete and nor do I have millions of dollars sitting around.  Oh yea I forgot to add that I will never be able to buy a 5.2 carat wing for my snow-white but over looking all that I see there is hope for to snag a reality tv star like Ms – Mrs? Cavallari….by the way I think trying to label her a “reality” tv star is kind of stretching it.  You know everything that came out of her mouth was scripted and sent to her phone so she could remember what to say.  My fake girlfriend’s reality is more real than this broad.  However for Jay Cutler I have to congratulate him for being the biggest asshole in the NFC and still coming out on top and being a good role model.  I now know what I have to do in life to get myself a hot girl like that.  Just continue to be above average looking, stay hated by man and loved by some, and I will win at the end.  Sounds good enough? She Can Get It but I’m to scared to Wife her up.

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