10 Reasons Why Opening Day At Fenway Park Is So Legit

0-6 record vs Opening day at Fenway Park, just seems like a cruel fake life we’re living in but I guess it’s time to wake up today and start fresh.

1. The Sox are facing the Yankees in a 3 game series, no doubt the best team to beat on opening day.

2. Taking the Green Line/Red Line to Fenway is only the beginning of the fun.  Already Drunk fans chanting “Fuck New York” in front of little kids looking confuse.  I say it’s fair game, little kids have to learn sooner or later.

3. If you’re 21 of age you can finally buy beer while you’re in the stadium talking to random strangers about god know what.  Taxes, boss gave you free tickets, school?

4. Lansdowne street is going to be full of chaos but it will be well worth it.  You’re either going to catch a Sox vs Yankee fight or be able to smell the sweet smell of the lovely green in the air.

5. Hot white girls wearing tight Sox shirt’s or jersey and a real sox hat, not that Victoria Secret Pink Hat they came out with.

6. Not going into work, leaving work early and not really giving a fuck.

7. Boston Roasted Nuts and Baked Beans. If you have never bothered to try either one of those before then you should just consider yourself useless on so many levels.

8. Harass Yankees fans for 3 days. I mean throw shit at them, give them the mean muggin face and let them know what’s really good.

9. Everyone gets laid on opening day. That has been the rules as long as I been alive. I remember when I was 12 yrs old and I went to opening day with my dad and that was the first time I seen some boobs of some college broad. My eyes got laid that day, true story.

10. It’s the mother fucking weekend, 3 days of not being bored and being drunk.  a 3 day fake holiday in Boston.


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