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Well, Thats About It. Final Blog And Many Thanks On In This Blog. Later

Well that’s it folks, I’m done.  Its been a good 5 months of blogging but I think I had enough and all you fuckers had enough of it as well.  Work hasn’t left me time to blog and come up … Continue reading

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Couples Things I Need To Do And Things I Know I Won’t Do/Finish

Nice weather out and I have a day off today so I was able to catch up with some things and also get some thinking done.  You know the deal, try to use the time wisely and get the best … Continue reading

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There’s Hope For Me After All. Thanks Jay Cutler and Not So Much Kristen Cavallari

Yahoo -“Eight months after they started dating, Jay Cutler(notes) and reality TV personality Kristin Cavallari are engaged to be married. reports that the Chicago Bears quarterback proposed to the former star of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” during a … Continue reading

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I Can No Longer Ignore This And Don’t Want To Give The Wrong Impression

2009, 170lbs I’m out of shape, there I said it.  No longer do I possess the Token Bro body of yesteryear that I was proud of.  And I mean the body of two years ago as you can see in … Continue reading

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Finally, Watching Dancing With The Stars Gives Back To Me For Being A Good Fan

Yes I am a fan of DWTS and I am also a huge fan of the female and I just became a bigger fan of Ms Karina Smirnoff.  Chick is exotic looking, nice eyes, dick wrecking ass, and she just … Continue reading

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The Royal Wedding That I Don’t Care About And Can’t Wait to Be Over

There is no escaping this Royal Wedding madness, like it’s literally all up in everyone’s grill piece so hard that it needs to stop. I pick up a newspaper to read on the way to work to pass the time … Continue reading

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10 Artist/Songs You Probably Never Heard Of And Should Mostly Likely Start Following

1.Norwegian Recycle – Indie mashup dj’s that take songs and well you know, they combine songs and make a sick mashup 2. Dumbfounded is favorite korean rapper that is insanely sick with his flows.  He’s a well know rapper in … Continue reading

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