Facebook Relationships And Other Random Crap I Notice On The Book

Let this be known that I’m not talking about any particular person, no names, no little hints leading it back to a person, so there is no need for anyone to get pissed off.  I’m just talking about things I’ve notice on FB and thought about when ever I get bored.  Understand, everyone is all good?  Alright good.

When a hot guy/girl becomes single there is always at least 5 or more “likes” because this person is back living the single life and this give you a chance to try to get it in or let it in.  There’s also that one person that ask the most import question the everyone wants to know…..”Sorry, what happen?”.  You owe that person a beer just for asking that question since it’s important to know what actually went down and how you are going to plan to make your move.  Yup, true fact, because I know in some way we all think like this.

There are some people who just keep their relationship as “Unlisted” instead of going for the “it’s complicated” status instead. These people are basically saying that they are in some sort of relationship with a person and can’t fuck anyone at the moment.  They can be either fixing their relationship, with a secret person that no one else knows about, or they are just super protective of that other person.  Out of all those reasons I know that least two of them might be a reason why people keep it unlisted, but it would make sense just to keep it as “it’s complicated” since that’s what it really is.  “Hmm, let me go look at so and so relationship and see if I use some charm on them….oh wtf? Unlisted, well not sure what to do, guess I’ll move on.” Might as well do that and your time trying to figure it out.

Random things that catch my eye.

People who get mad on fb for other people being in their business.  Don’t post shit on fb that you don’t want people to read, long ass angry statuses just make you look dumb.  I respect you took the time to think of an angry message to share but you should know better by now.

When people try to talk in “code” because they are too lazy to send a text or email to their friend about what they are going to do this weekend or what happen last night.  Takes about a minute to decipher your “well coded” conversation and get a little chuckle from it.

Young girls getting all 16-18 & pregnant with their profile pictures of the ultrasound.  Listen, I’m glad you’re having a baby and all put keep the pictures offline and if we run into each other on the street then you can show me.

Girls that act completely slutty on fb but once it comes time to chill off fb then everything changes. What happen to all that talk that was going down?  Now it’s all about just chilling and eating biscuits with tea.  Alright I see what happen, was fun being cute on fb but couldn’t stick true to it offline.

People that false advertise with their pictures.  So far from the image you see that they throw up there.  They come into your work place and they look nothing like the picture they have up.  They might as well look like a completely different person all together.  You know who these people are, you caught on to their little scheme and know why they always take different angle pictures, never full body or up close face shots.  It’s fine….we understand.

Well that’s about it.  I could have been done faster with this blog if the meeting I was in took faster and we avoided the phone calls.  Such a beautiful day and I was stuck in a jagged wooden chair, just horrible stuff.  That’s all I have for now.  Till next time.

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4 Responses to Facebook Relationships And Other Random Crap I Notice On The Book

  1. m says:

    FB is the worst and best thing that has hit the planet. I have found a few long lost people I have lost contact with since HS and have kept networking with them, but I have also seen pics that make me want to punch people. I don’t care what your new scarf looks like or your cat that moved five feet so you took ANOTHER picture. I will be the first to say that I have posted thoughts and pics to get other people jealous and worked up. I have learned to curtail the “I am better then you attitude” for it’s not healthy for anyone. I don’t get jealous because I know my life is better then most. haha /sarcasm

    • Token Jones says:

      I agree with with that FB is the worst and best thing that has hit the planet. Always good to find friends from the past and catch up with them, see how they are doing and stuff. Just to make sure everything is good and have a couple laughs. People who post useless pictures about things that have no business being on FB are just ridiculous, they don’t understand that none of that is important and should just be left off. Unless if its something that will blow my mind or make my eyes turn into jelly than I want to see it, if not I don’t care.

  2. tnavarra says:

    With regards to the one who asks “Sorry, what happened?” I don’t think I owe her a beer, I think I owe her a slap in the face. Yeah ya know, we just broke up, and NOW I’d really like to talk about it all over Facebook for the entire world to see — NAWT. Which brings me to my next point: the unlisted thing, maybe that’s all to avoid the questioning hmm? I thought about doing that for sometime (mostly to ward off the “So Theresa, why aren’t you dating, do you really hate all guys, you can’t do that forever” speech from my pops again) and now that you give that spin, I’m certainly going to avoid it. What I do like.. the “being led on” relationship status — that should be real life.

    • Token Jones says:

      “So Theresa, why aren’t you dating, do you really hate all guys, you can’t do that forever” speech from my pops again” Brilliant, just brilliant. I’d like to hear more speeches from “pops” since I have a feeling there are plenty more greats ones that I would enjoy.

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