Rachel Nichols Can Get It


Today’s Can Get It Girl is Rachel Nichols of ESPN fame. With the peephole scandal surrounding Erin Andrews and her shapely ass, perfect tits, and shaved box last year, I think Ms. Nichols fell by the wayside. I’m not normally a fan of redheads, but this girl does it for me. Plus, aren’t redheads supposed to be freaks in the sack? My pants get a little tighter whenever she’s on the tube doing a report for the Worldwide Leader. The only qualm I’ve got with this slut is her little Strahan gap. You’re a top reporter for EPSN. Get some Invisalign on that shit.



Hobos and Fembos, we’re looking for college girls to start featuring as girls that “Can Get It” along with celebrities. Dudes, if you’ve got college girl suggestions, make sure it’s ok with them first. Ladies, make sure to include pics of your tits when you submit yourself. And celebrity “Can Get It” suggestions are always welcome. Send all “Can Get It” girl suggestions, both college girls and celebrities, to bostonsportsplus@gmail.com.

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