Why Do Ugly Girls Do The Face?



The preceeding 4 pictures are examples of girls doing “The Face,” a face intended to ward off creepy assholes at parties when “your penis touches [her] butthole without [her] knowing.” “The Face” has spread like wildfire due to Jenna from StoolLaLa’s YouTube video “How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To.”

However, I pose a question. Why do ugly girls do the face? Shouldn’t they take all the dick they can get? Like, I’m not trying to be an asshole here, but shouldn’t ugly girls be happy when a guy’s got his junk all up in your trunk on the dance floor?

The only response I’ve gotten so far to this question is “LMFAO, hahah i think i just pee’d my in my pants.” So clearly, this dude agrees with me. What do the Hobos and Fembos think? Should ugly girls take what they can get?

Plus, I’ve got a patent on something I call “The Face” since at least Hallo-fucking-ween:

It’s a combination of motorboating and being a drunk retard. Game. Set. Match. The Face.

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12 Responses to Why Do Ugly Girls Do The Face?

  1. The minority vote says:

    Irony defined.

  2. m says:

    I agree…this shit is getting way out of control. YOU’RE NOT HOT!!! All those pics on stoollala of girls giving the guy “the face” are staged…wtf. It’s soooo stupid. I think everyone in the world should want to fuck Jenna not be like her.

  3. Classy Kat says:

    stop 7 of those 8 girls would not do you, and you look like an asian pizza man who is eating out an invisible snatch

  4. TigerBlood says:

    Let me pose a question to you. Why do unattractive guys think they can write a blog calling a bunch of girls ugly? Talk about irony defined.

  5. The minority vote says:

    TigerBlood “Can get it” from me.

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  7. Lauren says:

    Just an fyi… I know i’m not the prettiest barbie in the toy aisle, but i dont even have to TRY to get some guy to bring me home at a club. There’s always that one old guy, or the chubby kid who drinks his feelings, or the football player with a fetish for big girls… girls will always have an easier time getting dick.

    that’s why they do the face. Now, I don’t do the face because i almost LIKE the penis to butthole sneak attacks, shit’s exciting. Maybe they’re just prudes?

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