Amber Lancaster Can Get It

Amber Lancaster is our first reader-submitted “Can Get It” girl here at Hobo-Like Thoughts. I don’t know much about this girl, but according to Wikipedia, she was a Seattle Seahawks Sea Gal for 5 seasons and has been a model on the Price is Right. If this chick can get it from Bob Barker, she sure as hell can get it from me. Also, she “…likes the dick. Her favorite position is doggie-style.” Hey, don’t blame me. Anyone can change Wikipedia.



-Thanks to Matt for the submission

Hobos and Fembos, we’re looking for college girls to start featuring as girls that “Can Get It” along with celebrities. Dudes, if you’ve got college girl suggestions, make sure it’s ok with them first. Ladies, make sure to include pics of your tits when you submit yourself. And celebrity “Can Get It” suggestions are always welcome. Send all “Can Get It” girl suggestions, both college girls and celebrities, to

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6 Responses to Amber Lancaster Can Get It

  1. m says:

    OHHH YEAHHH!!!!!

  2. The minority vote says:

    You’re just like bob barker, I agree.

  3. Randy says:

    Amber is the hottest thing I have ever scene we need more pics of her

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  5. beau dekkker says:

    she is the hottest of the world!!!!

  6. killer says:

    wait is this real

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