Is it ok to watch wrestling again?

I am a loser plain and simple. For the last 15 years I’ve been a major wrestling fan. I was the kid in your class wearing the Stone Cold Steve Austin hat and shirt combination. I would pretend at night that I was wrestling The Rock for the WWF title. I own a replica WWE title. I have paid hundreds of dollars to sit front row at a Pay-Per-View event. Back in the 4th grade I was the man for knowing everything about pro wrestling. Today I dare not speak of it in public due to the backlash I will receive. I know many people that are closet fans (they will watch the shows but won’t talk about it I unfortunately became one).

But on monday night something amazing happened. The Rock came back to the WWE! I was at work when this happened and I must admit I flipped out and reverted to the 7th grade all over again. I went on facebook and it seemed as if anyone who was ever a fan know about the rocks return. The closet fans were revealed as just moments after this event happened they were posting statuses claiming they were ordering wrestlemania and how they knew all along the rock would be the host.

This brings up a great question…is wrestling cool to watch again?

I say who cares. People judge wrestling because of the fakeness yet we watch the Jersey Shore as if some events aren’t scripted (don’t be so naive people). Wrestling is a part of my childhood that i have never let go of and I for one am no longer ashamed to say it.

With that said i say Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, Mr. Rock whatever you want me to call you…thank you. For so long i was afraid to admit how much I enjoy the theater that is pro wrestling (YES I KNOW IT’S FAKE). I may now be able to talk to people about what happened on Monday Night Raw and how John Cena sucks.

I almost lost the love I have for wrestling because I felt no one understood me. I felt no one cared anymore. I felt alone. But now I know that there are more of you out there sharing the love with me.

Hi my name is Juan Santiago and I love pro wrestling.

Fast forward to the 4:35 mark you should see a familiar face

Yup they filmed me twice (that is me just so you know only 100 lbs heavier)

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