End of an era… The final Romeo of the day

It was a great run but as with all good things this too must end. With that said we couldn’t show you Romeo’s without including the ultimate token Romeo. Fembos I present to you the one, the only, the man, the myth, the legend, Josh “Mos Def” Jones. It’s only right that the man who created Hobo Like Thoughts would be our final ROTD. Here are a few facts about the man who has given us a better insight into a tokens world

  • Attended cooking school so you know he can turn out quite the meal. A plate of his food is like sex for your mouth.
  • Fashion is not a weakness for THE token. He can rock a white tee and fitted combo with the best of them or he can rock the shirt and tie combo. When it comes to style he has no boundaries.
  • No need to worry about a dull moment with this Romeo. Josh will have you laughing for hours and really what lady doesn’t love a good laugh.
  • Need more of the athletic type in your life? Well this is your guy between dominating on the football field and tearing it up on the track Josh has shown he’s as athletic as they get. What lady doesn’t love a man with stamina?
  • The swag on this one is off the charts. You gotta love someone with the level of confidence that this Romeo carries around with him. You just feel like a better person being around him.
  • He’s just a generally all around good person. It’s impossible to walk into someone who knows Josh and not have them say some kind words about him. Now that’s a man you can bring home to mom and dad.

On a personal note I have known Josh for 11 years and as he said for me I will say for him, I don’t have a bad thing to say about him. Josh is a great friend and teammate and it’s almost impossible not to become a friend of his once meeting him. So Fembos you know the deal. Want to get to know Josh alittle better? Then send him an email or follow the steps of my favorite blog reader

About artistformerlyknownasfatty

Still a fat kid at heart
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