Stay Classy New York

Seems like New York athletes have trouble staying out of the media and not for the right reasons either.

I know we all probably, I know I did anyways, got our laughs when we witnessed Alex Rodriguez being fed popcorn at the Super Bowl by his girlfriend Cameron Diaz (which leads to the question, who’s the man in that relationship? Whipped).

A-Rod wasn’t in a laughing mood though. When he found out, he called up Fox and threw a hissyfit (classic A-Rod, am I right?) and told Fox to not show him and Cameron again. Instead, we we forced to watch countless shots of former President Bush and his wife. Didn’t see them complaining about being on TV. Face it, when you’re a famous person, you’re going to be shown and exploited and your so-called private life will be all but gone, it’s a fact of life. Either deal with it or get out of the game.

Another New York athlete making the tabloids is New York Jets QB, Mark “The Sanchize” Sanchez. This strapping young fellow decided to initiate contact and establish a relationship with a 17-year old high school girl. The two apparently exchanged texts and whatnot and eventually hooked up. Now, before you all go calling Sanchez the next Big Ben, the sex was consensual and the age of consent in New Jersey is 17; so, if this alleged fling did occur, it was completely legal. The story was reported by, so take it with a grain of salt, but still, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, right? But this must tell you something about Sanchez’s game if he’s resorting to hooking up with high schoolers. Dude’s a multi-millionaire, starting QB for the New York Jets, and at 24, dude’s not even in his prime yet. Guy should be able to pull dimes a dozen, yet he’s picking up high schoolers, just seems odd to me.

You got all of this in New York, but here? All we’ve got is Tom Brady racking up awards, Bill Belichick winning coach of the year, and Wes Welker being a humble man. If you didn’t hear about Welker, he basically said he doesn’t deserve a contract extension. The guy came off major knee surgery and performed at such a high level quicker than anyone expected and he put up numbers that were solid for an NFL wideout. Yet, the guy said he played like crap, should’ve put up even better numbers and doesn’t deserve a contract extension. He wants to earn an extension and feels that his play hasn’t warranted one. You’ve got to admire that because in today’s world, many athletes are just about the money. Welker’s one of the best slot-receivers in the game right now and I want him and Brady hooking up on the field for years to come.

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