Romeo of the day is a star ladies

Ladies I went far and wide and pulled some strings but your friend Juan came through big time and brought you the one and only DADDY YANKEE as todays ROTD. I’m sorry apparently I am mistaken what I meant to say is we have Young Money’s very own Drizzy Drake in our blog’s presence. Imagine that, an award-winning rapper could be your Romeo. Kush rolled glass full, ladies, he prefers the better things and if your lucky you could be the best he’s ever had. Sorry I needed to catch your attention somehow and keep you from getting lost in Romeo’s eyes. Today’s ROTD is Javy Hernandez from Wellesley, Mass by way of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico. That’s right we have more latin seasoning for you hungry hobos out there. Here are some facts about this latin stud.

  • When he walks into a room all attention is automatically drawn to those eyes and after looking at those photos can you blame anyone. Nothing says you’re the queen of the party then rolling in with those eyes.
  • Worried that you won’t have a man in your life to protect you well this Romeo is a former boxer who carries a mean right hook. He’ll defend your honor through a one hitter quitter.
  • He not only packs a mean punch but he is also an up and coming reggeaton artist that will melt your heart with some beautiful spanish lyrics. Sometimes all you really need is a song to let you know it’s gonna be ok.
  • This Romeo aims to please his Juliet so you know you’ll be in good hands with this latin lover. Just another example that there’s just something special about those latin men.
  • Worried mom and dad won’t like your new latin lover? Well stop that right now because this charming fellow will be sure to win them over like no other man ever could
  • DTF or just wanna cuddle, let this Romeo know and he will be sure to make your wildest dreams come true or just lay there and keep you warm through the night.

Well there you have it ladies. A Romeo that can lay down Daddy Yankee like rhymes with Drake like looks and a certain flair only a latin man can bring you. Javy Hernandez aka Javy Ecko could just be that Romeo you’ve been searching for. You know the deal, send an email if you want more info on our ROTD and we will pass the message along. Untill next time my fellow hobos.

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Still a fat kid at heart
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