Can I laugh now?

In today’s society at times it feels as if your going to hell if you laugh. You have to ask permission and make sure it’s ok to laugh. Me for one I don’t care I’ll laugh in a hospital, I’ll laugh at church, I’ll laugh at school, I’ll laugh at an opera, hell if the situation calls for it I’ll let a giggle out during a funeral (I’M JUST KIDDING…I’m going to hell aren’t I).

There’s nothing wrong with a good laugh it leads to better way of life. So relax and let out a good laugh. If your one of those that wonders if it’s ok to laugh then use this list as a guide line (I know another list? Listen this blogging thing isn’t easy and i have a flu so give me a break. I GOT OUT OF BED FOR YOU BE APPRECIATIVE.) So enjoy for after reading this you will free to lol, lmao and rotfl.

  • If the subject of the racial joke is laughing it’s ok to laugh.
  • If the subject of the racial joke is a prick it’s ok to laugh.
  • If your race out numbers the subject of the racial joke it’s ok to laugh.
  • If your a certified racist then you can laugh at anything its expected.
  • If a small child falls and is not injured its ok to laugh.
  • If a small child falls and begins crying DON’T LAUGH.
  • If anyone over the age of 14 injures themselves in any way that is not life threatening you can laugh.
  • As childish as it is public farts are always funny.
  • If your drunk laugh…at anything everything is funny when your shlamered.
  • If something bad outside of a death happens to your enemy let out a chuckle.
  • If you injure or embarrass yourself then laugh, better to be laughed with then laughed at.
  • Don’t laugh at any type of disability, even I know that’s just wrong.
  • Laugh at stupid people at all cost your not American if you don’t laugh at them.
  • Randomly laugh in the elevator, trust me it really lightens up the awkwardness.

There you have it now ima go cuddle up in my bed and try to survive this life threatning flu of mine.

Until next time my friends keep on laughing.

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Still a fat kid at heart
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