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Mila Kunis Can Get It

As a follow-up to Natalie Portman from Thursday and staying with the Black Swan theme, Mila Kunis can get it. Personally, I think Mila can get it more than Natalie, but that’s just personal preference. Plus, working on That 70’s … Continue reading

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Really, This Is The Most Search Blog Of The Week On HLT?….Fucking Amber

The Amber blog has been the #1 viewed and searched blog than any other I’ve posted last week?  I thought about blogging how Dr. Dre started burning man but now I’m not sure if that blog would be able to … Continue reading

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The Real World Las Vegas. I Want That Fake Life.

Bravo MTV, bravo indeed.  Las fucking Vegas aka Sin city, ladies and gentleman…..I’m 100% sure that out of the 7 cast members that they selected for the show that at least 4 of them died, maybe got kidnapped, or started … Continue reading

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Interview With The Lyrical Beast From CT

What up Hobos and Fembos?  Since I’ve been slacking cutting back on the number of blogs I’ve doing I thought I make it up to all of you or at least to those who actually follow my blog with one … Continue reading

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Tribute To Nate & Perk, Songs Of The Day, Happy Bday R

Well it was fun while it lasted, two good men are now in a better place and I wish them the best of luck.  Also I’d like to give a shout-out to my friend Rachael today since it’s her 22nd … Continue reading

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Spring Break Excitement Is Heating Up Ladies And Gents!

Nope, myself and many others will not be traveling to any exotic location or some warm weather climate state for Spring Break.  However I do know that a good amount of you fuckers are going away for Spring Break and … Continue reading

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Natalie Portman Can Get It

Today’s “Can Get It” girl is Natalie Portman, of Star Wars and Black Swan fame, but mostly of Black Swan fame. In Black Swan, she does get it. From Mila Kunis. Two of the hottest actresses in Hollywood munching box. … Continue reading

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